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Happy Birthday Ju

Hallo hallo!

Well, I'm here 'cause it's already midnight and today it's my best friend's birthday =) 18 years gosh! You are getting older xP
So, I have a gift for you...but you have to wait till tomorrow xP But I give you a clue:
xP Well, I'm not gonna do a big speech 'cause you already know what I think about you *.* So, see you tomorrow and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

The Extensions


How has been this days? I'm literally checking my life. Well, I'm seeing how much money I have, how still need, what I will do to get it, what I have to do...well, I all this think run well I think I will get the money that I want *.*

So, as I told you before, last Thursday I was doing my extensions. Nothing special, I just do two blue extensions...See?

What you think? well, I like it very much ^^ So, I don't have more nithing to say now so...see you latter*

I little more confident...

Hi again...

Well, after another "fight" with my mom, she came to talk with me...believe me, was a long speech...ok, then she said that she will think about the possibility to give me money to go to the party *.*

well, anyway I have to get the same sum, probably more... but, it's a great help ^^

I'm happy! xP

I need your help

Hi guys! How are you? I'm not good...because of Tokio Hotel thing... =/
Anyway, I was thinking and I called for a cousin of my, she works in the city and I asked her if she can find something for I, cleaning, babysitting, whatever...but I really need to get money soon. So, I also talk with my dad to see something like that too here in the village.
Anyway, it won't be easy...and remember that I have so many stuffs and things that I already don't use, some of them still new, and remember to sell that things...believe me, if I really don't need this money I don't sell any of my things...but this is an emergency...
So, I select some stuffs. You see and if you like something leave me a comment with your e-mail to see this well. I really need all help as possible!
Here they are:
Viola: 100€ (new - viola + bag)

Boots: 10€ - Size: 37

All Star: 40€ - Size: 36

Nike black: 25€ (resistant to rain) - Size: 36

“Vans” Deeply: 7,50€ - Size: 36

Silver tennis: 15€ - Size: 36