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'Ilha do Ermal' Festival '09

Hi readers! How's everything going?
Enjoying the last days of holidays? I hope so =)

Today I'm going to talk about the Festival, and...WHAT A FESTIVAL! I was missing it so much!
There wasn't too much people, but also I didn't expect it anyway...the Festival didn't had a known comercial band, so it's normal... But doesn't had amazing bands! In my oppinion: Obituary (1st day), Sepultura & Korpiklaani (2nd day) and Ramp (3rd day) were the best! And, of course, the DJ, after all the concerts, was amazing! Was also with metal/rock 'Wait and Bleed' from Slipknot (for example)...I loved when it started on Saturday night ahahah I really love the song!

The best day was Saturday. There were more people and we were more time on the Festival eheh

I don't have much to say...was really nice have our Festival's really nice see new people and, at the same time, be with all our friends...I loved! To the next year we'll be…


Hi everybody! How's it going???

So, yesterday I went to Oporto to do my application to one more University... Escola Superior Artística do Porto, that's the name of the University and I made the application to the photography course =)
Either way I'll prefer go to Universidade do Minho... I have to wait till the results come out.

So, as I was in Oporto I was checking some stores with my mom. I bought a t-shirt on Ekstra:

. I love it! And they offered me a bracelet eheh
Then I bought two more piece of clothes... A pair of jeans on Zara and a t-shirt on Bershka:

Today was a very productive day. I was cleaning my closet! eheh It's truth and OMG what a mess I had in it! But now it's everything on order =) . Right now I'm pretty happy. I already have my ticket to Ermal's Festival!!! It starts today but it's an extra day and problably will be empty so I'll just go tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday =)
My ticket and for two more friends ^^

I think the tickets could be pre…


Hi readers! How it going?
Holidays are almost finishing so we have to enjoy every minute of the last days!
So, as I promissed you, I'm gonna post some more photos from the day of the casting. Here they are:
Left to right: Me, Diogo, (back) Claudia Vieira, João Manzarra, Margarida, (back) Juw, Sara and David
Left to right: Me, Diogo, Diogo, Claudia Vieira, Sara, Margarida, David
Left to right: Tatiana, Sara, me, Diogo and the other three persons I don't know their names unfortunately but they were really nice persons! .
And I keep saying: great day, great people an great moments!

So...I wanna change my hair! Was taking too long humm? eheh Well, it will look like these haircuts:

About the color, I haven't decided yet...I'm gonna dye it black or verry dark brown...I have to think...
What you think about it?
Well, I have to go now...see you later!


Hi everyone!!! How's it going?

Well well, today I havea lot of thing to tell...
So...about all the stuff I was talking about...well, I did the casting to Idols! My casting was on Friday 21th. I don't have words to express that day...was AMAZING! Really!
The relationships between all people, friendship...everybody was so nice and warm...with no rivalry. During all day we were waiting for our turn...everybody was singing all the time!!But, starting for the begining. Me and Juliana woke up at 4:30am (well, me, she only woke up at 5:05am xD), then we get dressed and my mom took us to the Train Station.
When we arrived to Oporto we went to the place that we knew the castings will be.
7:00am now and already had a huge queue of people in front of us. So, we wait, and wait...and wait.
4:00pm and only 33 people had done the casting..33 from almost 1900 people. They were kidding with us...just could be!
Till 8:00pm only 400 people did the casting... sice 8:00pm till 12:00am they listened the r…


Well, it's a shame do a post like this but there is people who don't have shame either so... . Today I was checking my Hi5 and I had a message from one of my 'virtual friends'. The girl said to me that she found a fake of me. What a ridiculous situation!

Of course I thanked to her and then I was checking that Hi5's url and, OMG if that person wanted to copy me at least she (I supose it is a 'she') could have copied better that that. WHAT A SHAME! Really!

I can't understand what people think when they do things like this. It's completely unnecessary and stupid. Be yourself! Don't pretend you are somebody else! It's not fair, it's illegal and, above all, it's an incredible lack of personality...
Well, I'm not gonna post the link. That kind of persons only want attention and I'm not gonna give it to her so...
. . MY ONLY HI5 ACCOUNT IS: . Please do not add another link with my photos 'cause it's fake!


Nothing could be more complicated than people...

So many differences, as well so many things in common. So many lifestyles, so many ways to face life and they setbacks... Sometimes we just don't know what to think...what to we live for...
The most complicated is the relationships between people. Too many to ask, too many to know...too many thoughts and to many questions... It's hard 'cause most of the persons are not honest. Is that so complicated?
But sometimes it's our problem...we think too much in such unnecessary things and then we realize it is all in our heads. Like we were producers of a huge film from Hollywood...
I've been in those me there's a person in our friends group who's been strange to me. Can be things from my head or even he's not realizing that he's acting in a differently way with me...I don't know. I've already asked him why he's been strange in these last days but he said that he's the same, that he didn…

Music - Very Important Decision

Hi everybody!
Today the post will be a little different...

So, I have five musics to show you and you'll choose, please :3, wich one you most like. Can you do that favor to me??? I have to choose one and I can't decide myself... Well, here are the musics:

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Kelly Clarkson - Anytime

Kelly Clarkson - (You Make me Feel Like a) Natural Woman

Kelly Clarkson - Save You

Kelly Clarkson - Some Kind of Miracle

Now is with you =)


Hi guys! How's it going???

Well, today I'm gonna stay at home. My father's car broke down so he could not come to get us today.
You know what that is? Punishment! Someone who says to his own daughter to not wait for him 'cause if it happened I would keep waiting...nice, now you don't have car either way...
It's bad say something like this but is what I feel so...
I'm glad I'll stay alone at home this afternoon.
My mom is freakin' out with everything and then who have to hear and shut? Me? No way! I can't keep my mouth shut when I know people are being unfair with me...
Then I'm the "guilty" of everything, the "stupid" one, the one who "don't understand anything about life" and stuff...oh come on! I'm tired of this speach! She treats me like I was a dumb who lives in a wonderland or something...fuck! She doesn't know me at all...
Well, speaking about my last post...I didn't pass to the final stage of the…


Hi guys! How's it going?

Well, I'm getting a little nervous...Tonight I'm gonna participate in a karaoke.
No big stuff but still then, I'm gonna be really nervous. I don't like to sing in front of no one...alone I mean. And in front an audience...gosh! Seems like it's everybody staring at me in a strange/creepy way...I really don't like it.
Well, it won't be the first time so, everything's gonna be ok...I hope xP
I'm gonna sing other portuguese song...yes 'cause they should think that people in our village don't know/like english music -.- Well, better than nothing.
My bestfriend will record my 'performance' so then I'll post here ^^
So...other stuff...
I finished to see the Blade: The Series. It's super cool!!!
Well, I'm sure everybody know or, at least, hear talk about Blade...the movies. Now there's a serie, with others characters and 'other' central story...but still in the 'Blade style'. .
Chase, Marcu…

How things can change in such short time...

Is true. Things change; people change, and we then even noticed that. . This weekend was awful; empty. When I most needed someone to talk, to hug, to cry... they were all gone. Well, of course not intentionally and I'm not the kind of person to talk about my problem with everybody neither so... But I needed some distraction, some fun; and this weekend I was at home...ALL the time. . Friday night was a complete disaster. Was just me and Ju. Juliana went to Arcos de Valdevez to spend the weekend, Rafa and Gi never show up early so it was pretty boring.
Ju was down because some family problems...well, she didn't told bestfriend didn't told me what was going on...well, next. To make things even more 'cool' I was asking to my father if he could take me home and basically he told me to not wait for him 'cause if it happened I would keep waiting. Great thing to say to a daughter hmm?! Congratulation dad! You won the prize to the best behavior of the century! No doubt…


Hi readers! How's it going?
I'm SO so sorry for haven't update the blog earlier...I was always thinking about that but then I forgot about it all the time x.x So, I don't have much things to say...I mean, nothing new.
It's always the same things, the same persons, the same stuff...this same stupid village. It's starting to annoying me for real!
Anyway, I'm with my friends so, not bad at all =)
Although all the complications that people do about this or that situation... You know what the problem is? Too much knowledge! Really! People are freakin' out for nothing... damn people with split personality!
Well...besides of that, Danny is here!!! eheh
Danny is a friend of us that is living in Switzerland (I guess xD). Now he's here on vacations with his family and a friend from Czech Republic. He's a nice guys and we can say that he's learning Portuguese very well...I mean, he only say bullshit xD (yeah he doesn't speak Portuguese. Only Swedish, Fre…