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Hi guys! How are you?
Weel, right now I'm depressing for haven't seen Katy Perry in concert today on Lisbon ='( Be from the north of the country suck so bad! The trip it's too expensive =/

So, about the weekend...was normal...usual stuff. On Friday night I was with my friends, Saturday afternoon I was with my dad and brother and at night we were all together again (me and my friends). After being on Junela we went to Ermal...there's a disco and how Ju's came slept in my house was fine...but ok, we arrived at 4:30am xP It's been complicated because those problems between our two friends...I'm tired of this situation...I don't know what to think anymore...
I can't find a way to make everything ok again between them =S . Oh, it's truth...I'm not good with my mom. She´s annoying me all the time! Gosh!
Yesterday we had a fight... You know, she's my mom and that all thing, but I'm the kind of person who can't be shut when I see/ear someth…


Hi there! How has been the week?
Mine pretty fine actually =)

On Tuesday we were on São João. Was awesome! The center of the city was SO crowd! I think I've never saw so much people here!
Well, we didn't slept at all xP We were in the center till 1:30pm (next day) and then we took a taxi to Joana's apartment and relax a few hours. Then me and Rafa back to the village...after take a coffee xD was THE miracle from the day! I returned back home at 7:30pm and I still was with Nuno and I also saw Criminal Minds and CSI. I only fell asleep at 3:00am xP But ok, I slept till 3:00pm
Today I feel like a crap lol. My foot hurts, my legs too and also my right wrist! I hope this second night helps!
Tomorow I'll go with my mom to the center of the city. I need to buy a formal dress and also a bikini. It will be a nice afternoon eheh
See you aroud!

Weekend and next Week

Hi people! How's it going???
Sorry for hadn't updated you earlier but I really could not come here before. Actually I miss it a lot eheh, I didn't come here since's a lot of time! x3
So, this weekend was a little diferent.
On Friday night we were in Junela (just to change a bit xD) but there was some problems and we went out earlier.
Satuday, I was with my dad, and also my brother. Was nice! I was shopping eheh I only bought two t-shirts and one top.

Then we went to the cinema. We saw the movie "A Night at The Museum II". Was nice! The special effects were really cool! My brother and dad also loved the movie eheh At night...we went to the cinema again xD I mean, me, with my friends. Me, Gi, Ju, Rafa, Nuno and Fábio.
We saw the movie "The Hangover". It's AWESOME! I truly recommend it! We laugh since the begining till the end. Was really cool.

Sunday was really different. We went to the Island. Well is how we call the place. It's the river…


Hi guys! How's it going?

So, this week has been different xP
After have been taking with Nuno (my bestfriend) in the other night till 5:00am I spent all Monday opening my mouth. Then me and Juliana hang out at night. We didn't come back home too late, actually we just took a coffee and talk a little bit. Nuno were there too with his twin brother.
Yesterday was nice. Me and Juliana went to high school to see some things about the exams, clarify some doubts and stuff. Then we went to the center of the village, snack something...well, normal things xP and at night we hang out again. Was cool. There was me, Juliana, Nuno, his twin brother, and two more other friends.
Today I didn't go out. I have to stay with my little brother at the moment and Juliana had to study so... Now I think I'll go out again only on Friday. Well, I'm gonna return to my studies. I'll have Portuguese and English exams, and both of them on the same day (July 13th)!

Wish me luck =)


Hi everybody! How's it going???
So, this weekend was normal...not too stresses but also not TOO crazy...was fun :)

On Friday afternoon I was changing my walls...again xP Check out:

What you think? That poster from New Moon is SOOO beautiful *-*
Well, then, at night, I was with my friends...we had a little fun and I was talking almost all the time with my (male) bestfriend...I'd miss that. So, on Saturdy the same thing...the day was quite boring...I wanted to go out at afternoon but nobody could so...but we went out at night again eheh
Then I slept in Ju's house. Was crazy as always xP we made such a funny movies with her cellphone ahah
Today was normal too...we were in Junela (our usual coffee shop eheh) just news.
Now I'm at home with nothing to do! I had to stay with my little brother 'cause my mom went out...and my friends will go out at night! It sucks! I wanted to go with them...
Ohhh, it's truth! Maria from the fnac store sent me the photos from the …


I'm happy, I'm very happy!
I have a lot to study, I barely can't wait to know the university results, the weather suck and I have nothing to do today, but sill then, I'm happy.
My friend and I were talking last night and we finally get over this all mistake and we are fine, better than fine! I'm so happy! Then I was with him all the time *shy* I miss him so much!
Ok, as I was saying, today it's been a really boring day. It's still raining and I was all day at home. I don't know if I'll go out at night...probably not. The truth is that I don't want to...kind of. It's boring! It's raining and I hate go out when it's raining besides, boys won't be there...most of then are in Curunha at this moment, football stuff...including my friend. Ju have to study and I don't know if I have ride to go...
Maybe I would stay at home and start the remodeling of room's wall eheh...don't know... . Oh by the way, I finished to write a text talk…


Hi people! How are you today???

I'm fine. Last night was SOOO nice! You know...that special day...well, Breaking Dawn, means anything to you??? Well, last night was the meeting because the last book from the Twilight Saga...finally it's in Portugal, in Portuguese!!! And so, were five or six meetings I think all (on Fnac stores) over the country...the meetings were moderated for fans and, in my city, one of them was me xP I was a little nervous, talk in front of so many people...but then everything were really fine =D
At the end we (moderators) had the book and the poster of New Moon for free eheh (so I already can buy the True Blood. I really want that book...seems geat!)

Now I have the complete collection =D (Look at the detail: the flash from the cell phone it's under the Eclipse... not purpose I swear! But was a really weird/crazy coincidence eheh)
So, news...yesterday I was talking with my friend...that who don't talk to me... Well, we were chatting by MSN...
I wrote him…

When I thought you would be my friend forever, after so many years, you disappointed me in the most hard and painful way... Why?

Hi readers, How's it going???
Well, how you can see for the tittle, here the things are the same...and I can't see the way to get better...
So, on Friday was the Prom night.
We were on a coffee/bar next to the high school ALL night! Was horrible... Ok, wasn't that so bad...THAT situation... My friend (or at least he used to be...) arrived and then he said hello to a friend of us right in front of me. Life, kiss here, conversations there...and to me and to my bestfriend nothing! In front of me... I think my bestfriend didn't noticed the situation...but I did. I started to be so...sick! And it wasn't for the alcohol! Well, I was like that the rest of the night...
You have no idea how I was feeling when he did that...I had to be strong to not start crying... I hate this!
Then I was talking with my bestfriend about that till 4:30am...
Last night (Saturday) was better. Well, I got a little fun and I could forgot for a couple of hours all this situation...
I slept in my bestfr…


Hi guys! How's it going?

So, what can I say?
Hmmm, I'm better now... I fixed the things with one of my friends. Well, kind of... After I started to cry he beg me apologizes...things are getting better.
But I was really outraged with all those things and not only because this situation.
I realized that we only have friends when one of them is not with the other guys (for example). And then we are the persons who only talk with them when we need something...SURE! I can see it perfectly x.x Gosh, I'm already mixing up all situations...

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that, in a general point of view, if we have the reputation at least it should be half true. I mean, if we are friends only when we need something, now they'll see that they have no friends (how we realized before about them).
But hey, I talk normaly with everybody. As one of my friends say, "we only have 'party friends'"...they are cool to go out and stuff but when we need them, they are not…

Worse weekend ever!

Hi was your weekend?

My sucked! Would be better if I had never left my house... Problems with two of my real friends! I thought so...
I was pissed of with some things and they thought it was with them... Stupid situation!
I'm tired of explain the that was a mistake...that it was not with them... The worse thing was after know when we use to say "when bestfriends fight we find out the worse thing about their relationship"(something like that). Well, after that mistake seems like they are not that so friend of my as I tought and seems like they didn't know me neither...
And now I'm crying. After so many things they made me cry because a shit! And I don't forgive them for that!
They hurt me so badly, you can't imagine... I thought they know I am. And then...
Well, just forget that, you can bet that I'll do the same! I promise!

The only things that made me happy last night were my friends (of course) and the MTV M…