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My Video x3

Hi there!

Well, as I've promised you, here it is my video, performing a song from a Portuguese singer Dulce Pontes (Lusitana Paixão). Sorry for the bad quality but my friends were filming really close x3
Oh, and give me a break...wasn't supose to sing in that night...well, I wasn't prepared x3
Oh well, check out:


Hey people! How's it going???

This week has been kinda boring...after that amazing Festival we look out to ourselves in this boring village...with nothing to do, and we realize what we're missing 'outside'. Well, I'm trying not to think about it too much... . Photo from last night This week I'm being alone at home. My mom and brother are in hollidays and I didni't wanted to go with them so... It's been nice actually! I'm beeing with my dad too. Yesterday we went at the city and I was shopping eheh

Well, just a few things...enjoy the sales x3

Oh, it's truth, check out some our photos from Marés Vivas Festival eheh

Our tent [me with the white t-shirt, the guy: Ni's boyfriend (Ricardo)]
Me and Ju eheh x3

THE stage [from left to right] Teh, me, Ju and Rosendo . The ticketsbracelets *O* . eheh well, the green tent was kinda disco...they had music ALL day! Unbelievable!

And that's it!
I already have the video where I'm singing but I can't put it on Y…

Happy Birthday to me! x3

That's it's my Birthday! 19 years old...gosh, I'm getting older xD Well, thanks to everyone out there who reminded it till now eheh I love you all =) And... Happy Birthday to me!x3
So...I have a lot of thing to tell eheh
Sorry but yesterday I was so tired that I didn't came here...

Marés Vivas Festival...well, it was AWESOME! I have no other word to describe it.
We had a lot of fun! Best thing: we didn't saw anyone known from our village, wich is awesome xD
Our group: was me, Ju, Ni (Ju's friend from the university) and her boyfriend, and Juliana (their friend from their town). At the first day we also were with 'our' Juliana and Sónia.
Gosh, Ju have to give me the photos that we took those days!!!

Well, we were camping like I said. You have NO idea of what we walk in the first day to find the god damn campsite park xD (then we walk the same distance or more at night since the festival till there - 'cause we didn't knew where we had to tak…

Marés Vivas here we go!!!

Hi people! How's it going???

I'm so excited! Tomorrow starts the Marés Vivas Festival!!! I already have almost everything ready and packed xP
Tomorrow I have to wake up super early...I have to be with Ju at 7:45am or earlier...then we have to go to the city and take the train. We'll go to the campsite 'cause the Festival will only open at 4:00pm...we gonna have a lot of time to assemble the tent xD
So, I will not be here these three days...maybe I would can come back here only on Sunday, that depends if I'll sleep well these days or not xP I hope you guys have so much fun as I hope to have there eheh
To Andreia and Pam: I wanna see you guys there!!! I'll send messages :3
Well, now I'm gonna let you with some of my recent pictures...there's much more on my Hi5 and Myspace eheh

Feel free to comment =) I'll comment back
See you next week or at the Festival ^^


Hi everybody!!! How was the weekend?
Gosh we had a lot of fun last night!!! Was one of the best nights for sure!

We had a Birthday party...Diana's birthday. We were dinner out of the village, then we went to a coffee shop and at the midnight we sang the 'happy birthday' to her (yeah, it's today xP). Then we went to Barros Bar... Dancing ALL night!
You know, that nights when everything is ok, you are with your friends...all good. Well, almost everything... but ok I already don't give a shit to those kind of stuff...peace&love and fuck them all kakakakaka
Well, the night was really great!
Then I slept in Ju's house and today we hang out again. This stupid village is so damn boring! Specially at a Sunday's afternoon, without Junela (now it's closed at Sundays)... Then we call to Nuno and Pedro and we went to their house and then we went to the forest park...relaxing a little, talking...was a nice afternoon =)
Now...I have to finish my study...tomorrow are my…

One Year

That’s right, one year!
It makes one year since I've created my blog.

It's amazing! I've never thought that it would take so many time eheh
I've created this blog first because a friend (Joana) encouraged me. I think I was stressed, with nothing to do and she told me about her blog and said me to create one. After that (second reason) I thought it would be a diary, but online. Where I could write whatever I want and talk about everything... Well here I am today. . Thank you SO much to everyone who visits my blog daily. Those who spend time reading my stuff and commenting it. It's unbelievable! I've never thought that I would have so many readers! Thanks to everyone out there!
I also want to thank to those who comment every single means the world to me! I love to know your opinion, even when it's not the best and not making any least I can laugh a little eheh I know what I am and my friends also know it so it is what really matters…

Wir Sind Hier Magazine

Hi there! This post gonna be written in English and Portuguese, that's because it's a way to promote the Portuguese Magazine Wir Sind Hier and also the site. So, a post only to Tokio Hotel fans eheh

This idea was from some my friends and they told me to, please, advertise it here in my blog so, here I am =) This site & magazine are made exclusively from fans to fans, without any kind of profits. All photos belong to Tokio Hotel and Universal Music. All subjects exposed here have no offensive order, it's a funny way to see things. This project is not connected with the band neither with their managers!
The WSH Magazine was born from other idea (Monsun Fanzine). It is not a copy, but an attempt to bring to the Portuguese Fandom something essentially written in our mother tongue.

To know more about this amazing idea, to do the download from the magazine and other stuff you only have to click here.
Have fun!

* * *
Olá! Este post vai ser escrito em Inglês e Português, isto porqu…


Hey readers! How's it going?
It's a shame say this but I only wake up at 3:30pm x.x

Well, on Saturday we were on Barros Bar (BB), that disco that I told you that opened here...we were there till 5:30am!
Was SO awesome! The disco is great and very retro with a new and fresh design. It have two floors...well, it's a great place to stay with our friends eheh
On Sunday it was that religious thing of my brother. I had to wake up at 9:30am (so, I only slept three hours). Was nice...he was really happy =) Then I only went to my bed at 2:00am...'s been normal. I'm checking some thing to Marés Vivas Festival. Me and my friends are think go there. It's on Gaia (Oporto) and the tickets are not expensive.
Here is the poster: I'm gonna see Guano Apes again!!! It's unbelievable! I love those guys! Then...Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz. Gonna be the most slow day (musically speaking) but will also be great! They have nice musics The rest of the bands are really cool …


Hi guys! How's it going?

Well, what can I say? I'm so happy at this moment! I finish to know that Paramore's 3rd CD will be released on 28th September 2009!!! The album will be called "brand new eyes" and the CD's cover it's very suggestive and different from the others. AND, there's more! On 7th July we'll be able to hear the new single "Ignorance" for the very first time!!!
Gosh I'm SO excited!!!
So, changing of subject eheh, today it's a normal day...Friday, you know...night with frieds eheh
On Saturday will open a disco here. Let's see if it's cool eheh At least we already can say that we have a disco on our village lol

And talking about that, I miss Bib'Ofir nights so badly!!!
To who doesn't know, Bib'Ofir it's a major disco in Ofir (Esposende). It's cool 'cause besides the fact that it's really close to the beach, it also is a great disco 'cause it have music for every styles (with several …

1st July

And another month is here. I'm my opinion June ran so fast. Too fast! And now here we are, July!
Summer (apart from the fact that yesterday was raining and today the sky it's cloudy), I have two exams to do, with high grades if possible and then, application to the University. I HAVE to in!
It's also the month of my Birthday! 19 years old...I'm getting older eheh. . From day 13 it's only about relax, enjoy the Summer and pray for the positive results of the application. . So, wish my luck:3 I'll keep in touch!