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Prendinhas da Natura

Poncho/Capa Bolsa Incensos de Cannabis

Merry Christmas to you all!!


Speaking of Christmas...

My tree is finally done!
I just feel sorry for not be able to be home for often :( Now I just feel like I'm working 24/7 and I really miss the comfy of my home, just being there doing nothing, just being w/my dad and my cat (btw, yes, there he is right under the tree, exploring eheh).
So, yeah, I really miss home.

OMG I love Amy!!

Evanescence performing Lacrymosa from the Synthesis album version. Just so you know, I didn't liked the 1st version, but this one, JESUS!! Brilliant! 
Speaking of, since Christmas is comming, I wouldn't mind having this live DVD on my shelve ;) :P


De 19 a 25 de Novembro a Natura apresenta a sua Black Friday Week! Alargando o período promocional, a Natura apresenta a sua campanha que oferece 20% de desconto na compra de uma peça ou 30% na compra de duas ou mais peças.
Vai perder esta oportunidade?
Venha fazer-nos uma visita na nossa loja no shopping Braga Parque ou em qualquer outra das nossas lojas espalhadas por todo o país!

Somebody help me!

I just saw Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again and ... I don't know what to say. I´m overwhelmed! So sad, but so inspiring! I think it's the first time I say that a sequel has beaten the original 1st movie. They're both amazing and different movies, even though they're SO connected!! Well, I'm not giving any more spoilers, just watch, 


So Happy!!

My new jacket just arrived and it is amazing!!!

I was a little afraid by buying clothes over the internet because we can't actually try it on before paying for it but it was totally worth it! It's the right size and it is just like the picture. I'm so happy! :D
PS: In case you're wondering, it is actually a two piece set with the demin jackect and hooded jacket not attached, so I can wear one or the other or both combined and it was such a great price! :D

Bloody Brilliant!

Although, I don't know why I was sure Jennifer Lawrence starred this movie as well... Oh well, really really good, I totally recommend!

Chef Xana

Baked potatoes and pork loin with mustard and honey sauce

And, it was delicious! :D


DESAFIO: A próxima pessoa a fazer uma doação nas próximas 24h (hora de início: 21h45) receberá inteiramente grátis um dos meus trabalhos * (+ portes grátis**). Vamos lá! (: // CHALLENGE: The next person to make a donation within the next 24h (star time: 9:45 pm) will receive entirely free on of my works (plus free shipping**). Lets go! (:
*NOTA: nem todos os trabalhos estão disponíveis. // NOTE: not all works are available. **Apenas Portugal Continental. // Only Portugal (continent).


I'm obsessed!

A couple nights ago I wasn't feeling like sleeping and wanted to watch some new movie, something light and recent. I searched a bit and I found one, a Netflix movie. I read the plot, saw the trailer I thought "why not?".
What a mistake know why? Because now I'M OBSESSED with the story, the actors, the writer Beth Reekles... OMG.

After watching the movie, I made a little research about the writer and informations about a possible sequel (and, it might be one! :D).
For know, I already watched and re-watchd the movie again (I'm watching it right now!), read already the novella "The Beach House" and I haven't already read the book itself because I bought it online and I'm waiting for it to arrive!

So about you? Have you read the book, seen the movie? Do you want a sequel as much as I want? Tell me what you think! (:
I let you now with a brief synopse of both books. Cya!*

The Kissing Booth: When Elle Evans (Joey King), a pretty, late-bloom…

[UPDATE] FUNDRAISING: Make My Dream Come True


FUNDRAISING: Make My Dream Come True on Youtube

Share please! TY! :D

Fundraising: Make My Dream Come True

Olá a todos!
O meu nome é Vanessa Oliveira e a minha grande paixão é a Arte! Infelizmente, esta área é pouco valorizada em Portugal e fazer carreira torna-se quase impossível para quem não tem meios nem contactos influentes.
Assim, tendo em conta todas as condicionantes, resolvi criar esta Fundraising: Make My Dream Come True, de forma a conseguir uma pequena ajuda para que o meu sonho se torne realidade. 

Os meus amigos e familiares dizem sempre "O que estás a fazer na área de Humanidades?", "Devias ir para Artes!", "Devias promover o teu trabalho!", "Devias vender os teus desenhos", "Devias fazer uma exposição", ... Devias, devias, devias... Bem, uma Fundraising pode não ser nenhuma destas coisas, mas é um início e certamente uma grande ajuda para que os "Devias" se tornem em grandes concretizações!
Para doações e mais informações visite a minha página GoFundMe Fundraising: Make My Dream Come True (ou a secção do blog Fund…

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Latest Movies

Tomb Raider 8/10
It's kinda weird not seeing Angelina Jolie as Lara Corft but, in spite of, I enjoyed the movie. Some parts are pretty unrealistic but I'm not THAT kind of critic and, in general, I actually liked the movie.

Truth or Dare 6/10
I've seen the trailer and i thought "OMG this is so awesome I HAVE to see this movie!" and then, it turned out to just a "meh". Just another "terror/suspense" movie with an interesting backstory but ruined. Anyway, nice to watch.

So Accurate.

“I didn’t need your help! Seems like you did. He was just drunk! I’m drunk! Am I through myself at you? No, you’re worse! You wanna talk to me, get to know me, see into my soul and screw and screw and screw until you’re done with me… Is that what you think? That’s what I know.”

in The Vampire Diaries [S01E01]

Evanescence ~ The Change

Thought that I was strong I know the words I need to say Frozen in my place I let the moment slip away
I've been screaming On the inside And I know you feel the pain Can you hear me? (...)
Say it's over Yes, it's over But I need you anyway Say you love me, but it's not enough
Never meant to lie But I'm not the girl you think you know The more that I am with you The more that I am all alone
Not that I'm so different Not that I don't see The dying light of what we used to be How can I forgive you? You changed! And I'm a liar by your side I'm about to lose my mind

Just disappointed.

When you thought nothing else could surprise you and BANG!... She made you see and feel exactly the opposite. #wherewillhumanityendwhenwehavenohumanitywithinus #whenprideandselfishnesswin

Congrats, you're officially the worse mother ever.