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First reactions about University

Hi readers!
I'm SO so sorry for hadn't updated the blog earlier...but now with the university... I still don't have internet in my laptop so basically I'm without internet five days for week *going crazy* xP

Well, about that, it's going ok. People are nice and the activities are not very hard so, it's been cool meet everybody. My classmates are kinda quiet but I think it's the normal reaction from the first days...I'm also like that... I just hope they start to be more active from now on eheh The only problem it's the course...Math x.x gosh! Anyway I'm already sorry for had made the 2nd application. I mean, I really want to go to a course that I really like but it is my 1st and 2nd options...the last four are just like math and, as I already met so nice people I'll be really sorry if I change to a course that I don't like... Well, wish me luck to get in my first or 2nd options, if not, with me luck to not get in the other four xP

To the next…

Candy's time!

Well, I primissed that I would made a post about this...
My sweet reader patii is always send me those lovely things and I never did any of it (shame on me!) but now I'll do it!

1. Indicate who offered the seal: patii
2. Complete the sentence: I am light and I want to light... everything around me
3. Skip the seal to six blogs that are considered light and warn them about the offer: Joana Filipa, GirlsareDeathProof, Joana Avi-Lorie, wiinkyliveshere, A whole World and Cats

1. Show the seal
2. Indicate who offered the seal: patii
3. Offer the seal to 10 blogs and warn them about it:
Joana Filipa, GirlsareDeathProof, Joana Avi-Lorie, wiinkyliveshere, A whole World, Cats, Ana's Mind, Croft, Finding Neverland and SymphOny
. 3rd
1. Post the seal and indicate who offered: patii
2. Answer the below quiz
3. Give it to 5 bloggers girls and warn them: Driii \m/, itsariot, My Sweet prince, Sentidos and Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo
1. Are you married? NO! O.O
2. How …


Hi readers! How is been the week?
I think much of you are already in school year and everything... Well, good luck to everyone! ^^
So...The MTV Video Music Awrds was last night! Nobody knew that right? xD Well, I didn't saw the it 'cause personally I don't like or just don't listen the music of the most people who won the little statues, but here are some photos that caught my attention:

Megan Fox: Gosh! One the most beautiful actresses nowadays for sure! I love her and I hope she continue to take movies and get more and more talent.
Katy Perry: She was FABULOUS! I loved the dress that contrasted with the tan skin and gave to her a look even more beautiful (if it is possible xP). She's lovely! Hayley Williams (Paramore): She was SO funny and sweet *O* I loved her clothes.
And, of course, the protagonists of the triangle love from Twilight. Well, I think Robert should have dressed other shirt but ok... Taylor was much better...I love black shirts eheh


Hi readers! How's it going??? News??? Tell me EVERYTHING! eheh

Well, I'm better since the last post...I think it's better don't think too much about some things...but it's a fact that are things that I really cannot understand... well, at least my dad show up and we went to the center of the city ^^ I bought two rings and a bag...FINALLY! At very long time that I was searching for a it but I never found one that I would say "it's it!" but now I already have it eheh
It's black, really simple, but I love it! Unfortunatly my camera sucks and the pic of the rings it's really bad...but believe me, they are cute ehehSo...and here it is the video that held me to the screen last night:NEW NEW MOON TRAILER!
OMG OMG OMG!!! Isn't it perfect?!?!?!

So many many new cool scenes!!! GOSH!!! I'm dying to see New Moon!!! And now, thee bigest new...I'm in...he university...I'M IN!!! Well, I'm still really confused for all this and I did…

I'm about to explode right now...

Today I saw my mood changing suddenly...

Well, were three men here in my house to change the shutters of the windows. Then I was thinking and listen my mom talking and I got extremely angry and indignant... So, my mom is always talking that she doesn't like to live here and she wants to move on to the city but she's always spending money and more money changing this or that's crazy! With all the money that she already spent here she could buy an apartment in the city...BUT NO! It's much more interesting bury money in this stupid house...

Then I saw the amount that she wrote in the ceck to pay...that money could pay two drive licences! Damn it! Of course I'm mad!
She's always saying that she don't have money to pay me the drive licence but to buy new shutters to the all windows of the house she already have money!
I'm really pissed right now...
Then I had a little fight with my dad...GREAT! -.-
He said that tomorrow he'll go with me to the center…


You know that felling that seems like everybody is pushing you down?
That life is against you and you can't do anything to change that?
I'm feeling like this...

First...I'm starting to freak out about the university...the results from the application will be known to the next week...I'm so scared! I only can think that I'll not get in the university... Grrr it suck so much!
. And, as if this were not enough, my bestfriend it's acting like a bitch these last days. As we say here "está com a p* da mania"... She came from Algarve completly different...she's distant and some of her actions haven't been the best, at all. But hey, maybe it's me...after all, I'm always the guilty of everything... (irony)
You know, on Friday we went to BB and basically a friend of mine said that he would take me at home, but he had to pick his car at home...well, a lot of troubles just to take me at home. Then another friend told me that he could take me and then I …

New Hairstyle

And here it is. I have my hair black again!!! eheh Do you know how much it costed? 15€ only! I'm serious!!! Lucky me x3 Well, I like about you readers? x3
New blog's image coming soon!

edit; The new blog's image it's finaly here! eheh
So, what you think?