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Back *.*

Finally I'm in home!!! It's great to be home! OMG I miss it so much xP

Well, how can I describe my mini-holiday in a simple word??? Hmmm...maybe, boring? This days really sucks! I was in a city with not hot guys (believe me it's truth xP)...the only thing good was the pool in the hotel, and it have a jacuzzi really awesome!!!
I just touch in the sea with my feets! This is totally truth! I have that!
The only thing good really was the hotel. You know, my favorite things the hotels are the shower and the breakfast, don't ask me why xP
On Tuesday night I saw a little interview and some musics of a Tokio Hotel concert an MTV. I was sad 'cause I thought that I would see our concert in TV but don't -.- But of, think positive, maybe in the new DVD they will put our concert there *.*

Don't ask me for pictures 'cause I don't take even one! really! I was bored all the time with my Ipod...

And here I go

Hello everyone!

Well, tomorrow is "the" day. I go a few days on vacation to a hotel right close to beach. I really don't know for where I'm going but ok, I believe in a good taste of my mom and I know that the hotel have pool so it's great to me xP.
I beg to my mom take her laptop with us so I can check my e-mails and everything xP I don't take mine 'cause have some problems =/

So, it's only for today...I'll try to give news as soon as I can =)

Kiss and take care*

My "TH" Room x}

And this is my room xP [you can click on the photo for see better]:

A little shocking right? xP I LOVE IT *.* it's awesome be in my room with so many Tom's around me xP I have so many things to do. As you know, for the next week I go to the beach and I have to pack my bag yet and I go on Monday --' In addiction, I have to make some desserts 'cause some friends of my mom coming her dinner tomorrow and my mom think that i'm good on it so... xP Now I have to go...Bye take care*

T:mo T:mo T:mo xP

OMG I can post photos again!!! *.* Ok...less -.- xP
Well, this is the photo that I want to show you of my nails xP can't see very well but it's like french manicure and then have a little flower on each one =)
Ok, my wall's room are finally rfurbished *.* gosh I'm so crazy! I have so many posters...I can't longer see the walls xP Ok, tomorrow I take pictures and I post here =)

Like you can see I put a new layout *.* I hope you've liked =) Hmmm, today I search for photos of the rapper of Panik (Nevada tan) Timo Sonnenschein (T:mo). Gosh he is the most sweet sexy guy in the world *.* (ok, not counting with Tom Kaulitz x} Tom will always be Tom xP) but he´s so damn sweet *.* and he seems very nice too *.*

lol, stop XaNiNHaHh*! xP ok, this is a photo that I completely love:

Cute isn't he?
Now, change of the next week I'm not going to Lisbon anymore...I will go to the -.- so boring! Yeah, it's right, I don't want to go =…

God bless Internet...or not -.-


Yesterday I can't post anything internet it's just freak...I can't even post photos yet I don't know what's wrong with this --' and really wanna show you my new nails xP Yeah, yesterday I decide do something with my nails and I think it was very pretty actually xP I will finish to put the rest of my Tokio Hotel posters in my room wall *.* I still have so many posters to put and I think I have no space for all of them lol. When I finish I take a picture and I show you [if this shit let me -.-].
I'm since the day before yesterday stoke on a music...I just can't to stop to hear it! It calls Was Würdest du Tur? and it's from Panik, a German band. All the others German bands I meet because Tokio Hotel, and this is another one =) yeah, 'cause before I just heard english music xP
Anyway, I like this band! It's a mix of rock and hip's kind of Linkin Park but with less shouting and more hip hop, and course, the …

My Birthday ^^

Hi everyone!

Finally I'm 18! xP Well, my birthday was very cool. I didn't anything of special but was a good day... In the day before I was with my friend who gave me the "happy birthday" at midnight =) then...I was lunch with my father and at night i was with my mom and some uncles and cousins... Today I had to stay at home 'cause my mom have a working meeting and I had to stay with my little brother... but my best friend came to here and we have fun together =)
What have we done? Many things, all of them about...TOKIO HOTEL xP we just love talk about them xP and she is teh only person here in the village that understand what I'm feel and what I think about them <3 stuffs =")">

Well, I have no idea of what I will do tomorrow...maybe I will past more some Tokio Hotel posters ins my room wall xP My wall it's already full but I have to find way to put some more xP

Ok, it's all for today see ya***


I'm officially in HOLIDAYS!!! *.*

Yesterday was my last exame. It wasn't very well at all but ok fuck of today I don't wanna talk about it...

So...tomorrow is my Birthday and my dad even don't speak anything with me about it. Yeah, my parents are divorced and my father talk and talk but when I need... Anyway...the stupid bitch of his girlfriend or whatever she is [for me she's a slut but ok... --'] had the stupid idea of talk with me about it! I just hate her --' I don't know neither how she get my number but ok, she sent to me messages saying that I should be with my father in my birthday and that he likes me and want to be with me and everything... screw up! She don't have nothing to do with that! It's between my father and me and if he really want to be with me HE have to tell me! Is he that have to invite me to stay with him...but I don't believe that he gonna do that =/ he never do...

So...for the next week I think I'm going to the …

What happened and what will happen...

Today will be my day..well, not in a good sense =/

Yesterday I did m math exame...actually I was not nervous, I mean, not too nervous as the way that I thought I would be... well, if all this shit going for the best, I can pass, what is great!
Anyway, today I have to study for geometry exame, that will be tomorrow... meantime, my friends will be in the pool, enjoying the sun and that amazing whater, and I will be here, in home --'

Ok...well, I need to buy new clothes! Really! My clothers sucks I need a new one... x}
There is a shop that has amazing clothes! I really want to go there but it's a little far from my city, that's why I never go there. The shop calls EKSTRA(click xP). I don't know if I can post some photos of the store. I already talk with them by Hi5 but no one answer me...anyway, here is the link.
Now, other amazing brand is Skelanimals. I just LOVE it! But I think isn't for sell here in Portugal. I just can buy by internet and I don't like it '…
Hy there!

This week has been can I say...suffocating (?)

Tomorrow I will have the 2nd stage of my Math exame and friday I will have the 2nd stage of Geometry...
This is so frustrated 'cause I don't pass on the 1st stage for 1 and 2 points...that is not fair...but hey, what has been fair to me? [Yeah I sucks I'm just pull me down all the time...whatever] Well I hope pass this time...

I'm so happy right now! A friend of my sent a few days ago some photos of Tokio Hotel [it's a colection of 40 photos of the band and she sent to me the photos she had repeated] and the photos came now! Yeah, right now! And are so amazing photos *.* Thank you so much Ju <3
well, I'm just going crazy right now with the idea of Tokio Hotel come back here in Portugal in this year *.* The World Peace One '08 Global Concert will be here too, in Lisbon and one of the many artists invited, Tokio Hotel belongs to that list too!!! I'm so happy! Now I just can wait fot the confi…

My thoughts...

You already hear to talk about bipolarity? Ok...I think I am bipolar =/

Well, actually I don't know if i really am but, ok...for example: yesterday and before yesterday I was so down...i was thinking that my life sucks and I didn't want to do anything and I didn't want to see nobody...I then even don't know why am i like this...but I am. And, today...I great! Ok, I not great GREAT but I'm fine. In this moment I'm in my house, alone and i just can sing and dancing all the's a little crazy actually xP but hey...what can I i'm fine and that is only matters...

All days i have to hear persons talk about "think in your future" or "maybe in your future"I'm tired to hear that kind of shit! how many people don't live they teenager years just thinking about they future and then? do you have seen how many people have studies and are unemployed? persons that sacrifice they life for what? Nothing!
I'm tired of th…

My Day, Tattoos and Other Stuffs xP

Well well are you today?
I'm so bored right now...I had an awful day...ok, was not so bad but I was all day at home, with nothing to do, ow, I have something to --' but i don't have head for that right now...
Ok, more things? Hmmm, like you can see I don't have more things to day really sucks...

Anyway...ow, it's's almost my bithday [20th July] and I have no idea of what I'm gonna do -.- then even what I want xP [yeah, I have to tell my mom what I want if not she have no idea of what she have to give to me...] anyway, beyond the idea of the new hair style, I was thinking about do a tattoo... At very long time that I want to do one but my mom never like that idea, anyway, I'm gonna do 18 so she can't tell me anything xP
So, I was thinking make a star, but I don't know where yet...belly or shoulder... and I even don't know very well what kind of star I want so I really have to thing better...

I couldn…

Scene Hair

Wow, my first real post *.* xP

well, I gonna show you some crazy hair styles that I love!
I'm thinking about paint my hair...and I want something like can help me choose xP

But I have to go to a GOOD hairdressing 'cause my SUCKS! Really! you, I want to paint my hair of blond and he paint of's something like that... lol

Ok, here they are:

If you want the name of any girl here just ask =)


Hi everybody!!!

I'm XaNiNHaHh* and this is my new blog.
As the title sugests, this will be my own place where I will talk about many things, including my stuffs, my problems, my joys, my likes, my dislikes...well, everything...

Well, I hope you like my page =)

About me...well, i have me profile updated but ok... I'm a normal girl like many others. I have my good things and my bad things, just like everybody. Music is my life! I love sports, friends [real friends] they are all for me, cinema, scene, trips...
Many people can judge me for what I know what? you're wrong! for example: yeah, I like Tokio Hotel and no, I'm not a hysterical child. Well, i listening other bands like paramore, 30STM, linkin park, evanescence, brokencyde...

Well, you can visit my other space too: or

So, have fun and enjoy your life

Peace out*