The Pretty Reckless ~ Messed Up World (F'd Up World)

Back door bitches begging me to behold
All their cash and cars platinum silver and gold
We're like diamonds in the sky
That is what we are told
No mountain made of money
Can buy you a soul, baby

Ooh, I can see it
Coming down

It's a messed up world, what do you get?
Sex and love and guns, light a cigarette
Messed up world, what do you get for me?

Banging little boys bugging me on the bus
Say they want to know who did it
But the answer's really us see
I don't know you, why do you want to know me?
You ain't getting what you want
Unless you're getting it for free
And baby


Back to these
Back door bitches begging me to behave
Jamming Jesus down my throat
No I don't want to be saved
Ain't a chain on my brain
I'm nobody's slave
I got one foot in the cradle and one in the grave