Spring Break Updates

OMG...it's been a (looooong) while, and so much happened along the way...
Well, right now I'm on Spring Break and it's been interesting! I'm spending my time making some draws and creating my new room! Remember when I told you that I wanted to decorate a new and empty room I had here in the house?

Well, this is it so far...

That's right! (: My dad got some furniture and I put it on the room, well, my new room eheh
There's still a lot of things to do like painting the walls (I'll talk about it in a bit), buy some bed clothes ('cause that duvet is just terrible xD), some candles, a lot of them actually xD some pillows, finish my carpet (yes, I'm doing it!), some table lamps... Well, a lot of things like I said :p

As I said, I'm gonna show you some examples and inspirations of how my walls will look like (:

Yes baby, very very dark green, that's the color (: I think it will be great with the color of the decorations :D I'll let you some examples...

Let's see how it goes from now on...I'll keep you updated I promiss (:

Now, my life...well, let's talk only about the good things... Better, I'll show you (:

Only photos I have so far from nights out xD lame I know...

Annnnnd...I went shopping!! Oh gosh I love this!
I bought a cool jacket, a black shirt, three t-shirts (white, grey and black), a pair of white sneakers, some socks and a lot of make up!! Fundation, powder, mascara, lipstick and a corrector kit :D

So, it's all for now, but I promiss you I'll be back soon because...four months it's A LOT! :p

- xoxo